class causaldag.classes.pdag.PDAG(nodes: Set[T] = {}, arcs: Set[T] = {}, edges: Set[T] = {}, known_arcs={}, new=False)[source]


PDAG.copy() Return a copy of the graph
PDAG.to_amat(node_list[, source_axis]) Return an adjacency matrix for the graph
PDAG.from_amat(amat[, source_axis]) Return a PDAG with arcs/edges given by amat

Graph modification

PDAG.remove_node(node) Remove a node from the graph
PDAG.add_known_arc(i, j)

Graph properties

PDAG.has_edge(i, j) Return True if the graph contains the edge i–j
PDAG.has_edge_or_arc(i, j) Return True if the graph contains the edge i–j or an arc i->j or i<-j

Comparison to other PDAGs

PDAG.shd(other) Return the structural Hamming distance between this PDAG and another.

Functions for

PDAG.to_dag() Return a DAG that is consistent with this CPDAG.
PDAG.all_dags([verbose]) Return all DAGs consistent with this PDAG